Moscoloni N. y Satriano C. 2002. Construcción y Tratamiento del "Dato" en un Estudio sobre Desnutrición Infantil. Cinta moebio 13: 93-114


Construction and Treatment of Data in a Study about Child Malnutrition

Nora Moscoloni y Cecilia Satriano ( CONICET, PIAD y CIUNR (Argentina)


Starting from methodological aspects of a study performed about features that characterized social representation of infantile malnutrition, qualitative and quantitative treatment of the data are presented. Traditional quantitative studies are characterized for the emphasis in the definition of the variables. The perspective adopted in this investigation emphasize the role of the unit analysis as a constitutive component of the matrix data that allows integration and complementarities of qualitative and quantitative techniques. The main goal of this investigation was to describe and to analyze the complexity of the context and conditions that take place in the problem of the infantile malnutrition. In the first stage of this study a census of population in an specific area determined by the Provincial Primary Health Care Center (PPHCC) was performed. Through out the analysis of the data obtained, critical families could be identified within the context of vulnerability of the study population. In the second stage, interviews with the child’s mother that attend to the PPHCC were performed and a typology of the attribute related with growing modalities were obtained. The discourse of the mothers was systematized through the most frequent answers according to most representative semantics categories. The articulation of the different matrix of data allowed to show the corresponding levels of integration of the analysis units involved.

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