Perona N. 2002. La Construcción de un Código. Cinta moebio 13: 126-132


The Construction of a Code

Nélida B. Perona ( Investigadora-Docente CIUNR-Facultad de Ciencia Política y Relaciones Internacionales, U.N.R. Argentina.


This work exposes some conceptual and methodological discussions that are involved in the codification and the consequent construction of a measurement instrument, and shows the imbrication of decisions that concern the research practice. In it, we try to introduce some theoretical and methodological problems that appear in the elaboration of codes for reading additioned data, particularly newspaper information. Besides, there are analysed both the source and the instrument developed, especially their potentialities and limitations. It is also included a model to register the observation of the "signals" of the information appeariry in journals, as well with the conceptual and practical decisions involved in the construction of that model.

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