Pimienta R. 2002. Reflexiones sobre Pensamiento Epistémico. Cinta moebio 13: 133-142


Reflections about Epistemic Thought

Rodrigo Pimienta Lastra (plrd6334@cueyatl.uam.mx). Profesor Investigador de la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana; México, D.F.


In this paper is planted and argue around a debate that we can considerate historical but at the present time it has not been resolved, the position about the quantitative-qualitative couple in an epistemologic environment fazing the statement of the problem to be researched. In this work starts in the epistemic thinking like a form of thinness of the common sense to approach to the reality whatever it be, without linking it to a particular theoretical view previously established. In this sense the epistemic argument is taken as a reflection in the establishment of the problem to be study over a concrete reality. Under this outline, the proposal is to keep an epistemológic posture that allows a troubling and open form in terms of the categories that surround the object of the study, starting from which it face two methodologies with differents reaches for the construction and analysis of the data, the qualitative-quantitative couple and linked to this environment the dimensions micro and macro.

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