Melchor J. y Martínez A. 2002. Los Sistemas de Investigación en México. Cinta moebio 14: 180-189


Research Systems in Mexico

Jaime Melchor Aguilar ( Maestro en Ciencias de la Educación Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca, México.
Anel Martínez Revilla ( Maestría en Ciencias en Planificación de Empresas y Desarrollo Regional. Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca, México.


In the article The systems of educational investigation in Mexico the validity of the Deductive Hypothetical investigation system is questioned that is used in our country and that it is not only presented as method but as the Scientific Method. It is recognized that, in our country, the processes of social investigation don't have the necessary impulse to propitiate the formation of professionals with possibilities of contributing, differentially, to the generation of scientific knowledge and that, generally, it made a mistakes the investigation with the proposals to solve immediate problems. Starting from the recognition that in most of the investigation centers it is ignored that, in our country, at the moment other two investigation systems are coexisting, well-known as Dialectical Critical and Hermeneutic, respectively, some elements are provided that characterize to the Critical Dialectical investigation system.

Key words: Investigation, Method of investigation, Dialectical, Critic, System, Scientific Method, Paradigm and Reality.

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