Kalinsky B. 2003. Antropología y Derecho Penal. Un Camino Transitable con Cautela. Cinta moebio 16: 25-37


Anthropology and Penal Law

Beatriz Kalinsky (beka@cotelco.com.ar). Directora de Proyectos del Centro Regional de Estudios Interdisciplinarios sobre el Delito (Argentina)


The contributions of the Anthropology could be significant for the Penal Law as long as some epistemological criteria could be settled down. Today we lack of these criteria or are simple outlined. This article tries to outline some of these epistemological axes that would allow a better use of the anthropological knowledge with regard to some aspects of the Penal Law: cultural plurality, hermeneutical exercise of the application of the penal law, legal fiction on which it is based, criminal responsibility, among others. It is emphasized, finally, the social and cultural root of the penal law.

Key words: penal law, anthropology, law, culture.

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