Facuse M. 2003. Una Epistemología Pluralistad. El anarquismo de la ciencia de Paul Feyerabend. Cinta moebio 17: 148-161


A Pluralist Epistemology

Marisol Facuse (marisolfacuse@hotmail.com). Socióloga. Magíster en Filosofía. U. de Concepción (Chile)


The epistemological anarchism possesses a double dimension: methodological-epistemic and ethics-politics. Consequence of the first one is that neither definitive rules nor universal laws guide the scientific practice, together with it the acceptance of the concurrence of not rational elements and extra-scientific in the construction of the scientific knowledge. The second go against the universal concepts that become totalitarian and excluding, what will result in the opening to new perspectives and possible world explanations.

Key words: Feyerabend, epistemological anarchism, ethics, politics.

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