Lima G. 2003. El Renacimiento de la Sociología. Cinta moebio 17: 86-107


Sociology Reborn

Gilson Lima ( Professor do Centro de Ciências Humanas da UNISINOS. Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil)


The potential of the computer methodologies for the sociology becomes more and more evident, as well as it is more and more evident that the same sociology is more and more immerse in a society of the knowledge whose main fuel is the information and its reflexive structuring and communicative. The investigation methodologies and production of sociological knowledge linked to the world of the computable digital information imply a range of present and future challenges, mainly, before new modeled of discovery and production of knowledge that have like support the computers. Our social realities are more and more wrapped up in the reflexivity of the knowledge and to solve the enigma of this computer sphinx can end up being, presently, the great contribution that the sociology can offer to the contemporary social life. This will allow, also that the sociology reborns of the ashes of its death secular tradition that it almost always maintained it reduced to decipher and to only solve the problems that emerged of the more and more decadent industrialized society.

Key words: methodology, computer science, contemporary sociology

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