Cohen N. y Gómez G. 2003. La Lógica del Experimento como Instancia Pedagógica. Cinta moebio 18: 219-226


Experimental Logic as Learning Experience

Néstor Cohen ( y Gabriela Gómez Rojas ( Instituto Gino Germani, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)


The present article tries to emphasize the roll of the experimental logic in the process of education-learning of the methodology of the investigation. Its treatment usually appears as material for the later boarding of the explanation or the calls explanatory designs or explanatory reconnaissance targets, nevertheless we considered that its pedagogical reach surpasses east interpretative field of its application. In the following pages we displayed two examples used in our average educational task like for the learning of the experimental logic but, in addition, as frame of understanding of the process of investigation in its totality.

Key words: experimental logic, methodology, research, education.

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