Toledo U. 2003. Fenomenología del Mundo Social. Cinta moebio 18: 191-206


Phenomenology of the Social World

Ulises Toledo Nickels ( Prorrector Universidad San Sebastián (Chile)


In the scope of social sciences (and particularly in the field of sociology) from the Sixties of the last century a series of theories and practices of investigation has arisen with force -these last ones, identified generally like qualitative- that declare to be inspired by the phenomenology (although their antecedents can be raked until beginnings of century XX). Certainly, they use this denomination in a wide sense. As opposed to such situation, the North American phenomenologist Lester Embree suggests a fifth stage of the phenomenology is emerging from the not-philosophical margins that cultivate certain sociocultural disciplines that they have welcomed and developed the worldly phenomenology. Following the exposition of Embree, the present article will focus its attention on the fifth stage. In the first place it will demonstrate the existence of the phenomenon and secondly it will defend the epistemologic proposal of a rational reconstruction of the fifth stage in terms of scientific research program post-positivist that we propose to denominate sociophenomenologic.

Key words: phenomenology, sociology, post positivism, sociophenomenologic program.

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