Zuppa C. 2003. Ilya Prigogine: ¿Nueva Alianza o Nueva Religión?. Cinta moebio 18: 207-218


Ilya Prigogine: New Alliance or New Religion?

Carlos Zuppa (zuppa@unsl.edu.ar). Departamento de Matemáticas. Universidad Nacional de San Luis (Argentina)


According to certain sectors of the post-theory, Ilya Prigogine created a new alliance with nature under the sign of a conjunction between science and philosophy, where the studies on irreversibility, disipative structures and self-organizing structures play a major role in the new espistemological parameters of this century. These claims are radically questioned in this work. Some very specific aspects of Prigogine's theories are examined only from an elementary perspective, since, on the one hand, they do not constitute the focus of this paper, and, on the other, thorough technical revisions of his theories from the perspective of Physics are available. The main purpose of this work is to perform a critical examination of the Prigoginean conception as a new epistemological paradigm.

Key words: prigoginean paradigms, chaos, determinism, irreversibility

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