Farías F. 2004. La Sociología Chilena en la Década de los Noventa. Cinta moebio 19: 55-66


Chilean Sociology in the 1990s

Fernando Farías. Magister en Investigación Social y Desarrollo, Universidad de Concepción. Académico de Trabajo Social, Universidad San Sebastián, Chile.


The documents published about sociology in the files between 1990 and 1999 are analyzed. The following topics are observed: distribution for years, countries, languages, types of documents, topics treated and journals in which the studies are published. At the same time the different institutions, productivity and the rate of collaboration of authors are analyzed. I conclude that sociology is a young discipline in Chile: the volume of registered records is still small, despite the length of period covered, although we can observe that there is a rising tendency.

Key Words: scientometrics, sociology, bibliometrics

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