Bar, A. 2005. Elementos para la Discusión sobre una Clasificación de la Abducción. Cinta moebio 23: 169-175


Elements for a discussion of a classification of abduction

Aníbal R. Bar ( Facultad de Humanidades (UNNE). Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, y Agrimensura (UNNE) (Argentina)


For abduction, a classificatory system is presented, and the criterion used is the kind of variables intervening in the phenomenon, the level of data matrix that relate, the involved conception of time, the kind of description used, the reference to the context, the peircian principles of first and second, and the form of statement that is promoted. The abductions are grouped into four types: substance, order, cause and stimulus. The first group assumes the phenomenon as static and the others as dynamic. The first type in relation to the inferences of substances, and the others related to a succession of phases, of causes and stimuli.

Key words: elements, discussion, classification, abduction.

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