Meersohn C. 2005. Introducción a Teun Van Dijk: Análisis de Discurso. Cinta moebio 24: 288-302


Introduction to Teun Van Dijk: discourse analysis

Cynthia Meersohn ( Antropóloga. Magíster en Antropología y Desarrollo. Universidad de Chile


Teun van Dijk, despite he initiated his academic path on linguistics, and more specifically, in the area of grammars; he has developed over his academic whereabouts the idea that we cannot elucidate the mysteries of discourse by its purely structural analysis. More so, in time he has explored the fields of psychology and sociology to find a way of making an account of the "living discourse", principally in text and speech, and by that means observe the mutual influences that language and society exercise on each other.

Key words : Teun van Dijk, discourse analysis, qualitative research, text

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