Hernández R. 2006. Argumentos para una Epistemología del Dato Visual. Cinta moebio 26: 196-206


Arguments for an Epistemology of Visual Data

Rafael Hernández (rafa_he@hotmail.com). Maestría en Antropología Social. Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (México)


In this paper I argue that there is not epistemological and methodological consensus in disciplines that collaborate on social research visual analysis. I propose that in this field we can found an epistemological choice under a constructivist perspective that considers both intersubjetivity and intentionality on data construction. On the other hand, I elaborate, as a preliminary exercise, a categorization about kinds of visual analysis based on his stage of analytical complexity.

Key words: visual data, visual analysis, constructivism, intentionality.

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