Laino, D. 2006. Socialización y Subjetivación en los Fundamentos del Entendimiento. Cinta moebio 27: 314-322


Socialization and Subjectivation in its Articulation with Understanding

Dra. Dora Laino ( Programa de Postgrado en Clínica del Aprender Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina)


The proposal of the work centers on pointing out some of the relationships between the concepts that refer to the processes of socialization and subjectivation in its articulation with the understanding. For this end, a brief reference to them is made from a multidisciplinary and transversal approach, which depicts contributions from psychology (Freud, Lacan, Piaget), philosophy (Habermas, Wittgenstein), sociology (Marx, Weber, Habermas) and anthropology (Mauss). Finally, a model is proposed, which tends to interpret this relationship from four analysis dimensions: subjectivity, intelligibility, sociability and corporality. The understanding of each subject is the result of a subtle combination in which these four dimensions intervene constituting their distinctive features.

Key words: socialization, subjectivation, understanding, corporality

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