Palacios, J. 2007. El Sentido Teórico en Antropología. Cinta moebio 28: 72-90


The Theoretical Sense in Anthropology

Dr. José Palacios-Ramírez ( Universidad Católica de San Antonio Murcia (Murcia, España)


The purpose of this work is simple and complex at the same time. Simple in the sense of being an attempt to spread out some reflections in relation to the role that plays the theory within anthropology, to determine its epistemological status, to determine, also, its value inside the anthropologic current panorama, to rethink finally its potential to generate anthropologic knowledge. A complex subject linked to its development, provided that the aim of thinking the importance of the theory inside the anthropologic knowledge involves giving expression to the mental construction of the discipline. It means an overall anthropological reflection of the different ideas or “types” of theories, its usefulness and how they work out, something that usually is of a common acceptance.

Key words: theoretical knowledge, history of anthropology, research programs, scientific status.

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