Lutz, B. 2007. Estructura y Sujeto: Perspectivas teóricas desde las ciencias sociales. Cinta moebio 29: 155-166


Structure and Subject: Theoretical perspectives from social sciences

Dr. Bruno Lutz ( Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (Xochimilco, México)


This study is a reflection about the different concepts of structure and subject historically disseminated in the main Social Sciences and Humanities schools of thought. More precisely, we distinguish three stages concerning the subject and structure definitions. These stages are characterized by the domination of very little sources of inspiration. Structure and subject conceptions came up together with humanism and they arrived at the zenith of their “realizatividad” with modernism even redefined radical at this time. The current study will show that is sufficiently clear and coherent the shared references among some authors and their interpretations based on their schools of thought and their personal point of views that is possible to make up a stage in the history of the thought.

Key words: action, author, society, structure, subject, theory

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