Acuña, M. 2008. Reflexiones sobre las Prácticas de Producción de Conocimientos: Ciencia y Tecnología. Cinta moebio 31: 14-22


Comments on Knowledge Production Practices

Dra. María Elena Acuña ( Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile).


In this article I discuss about the options anthropology has to study practices of production of knowledge into science and technology as normative frames throughout specific practices and representations as part of the schooling processes. In the construction of this object I consider the theoretical backgrounds from both areas of anthropology: ethnography of techno-science and ethnography of education. They make possible to focus on cultural dimensions of processes of production of knowledge (science) and production of artefacts (technology) and to debate about the fact of creation of new forms of cultural practices and new technologies and new global order of knowledge.

Key words: science, technology, school, anthropology, production of knowledge

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