Aguirre, J. y Jaramillo, L. 2010. La Ciencia entre el Objetivismo y el Construccionismo. Cinta moebio 38: 72-90


Science between Objectivism and Constructionism

Mg. Juan Carlos Aguirre ( Departamento de Filosofía. Universidad del Cauca (Colombia).
Dr. Luis Guillermo Jaramillo ( Facultad de Educación (Rudecolombia). Universidad del Cauca (Popayán, Colombia).


This article proposes an alternative to the discussion between the objectivist and constructionist vision on science. In order to reach such objective, we start from a schematic presentation about what it is called Science Wars; then, we are going to talk in detail about Knor-Cetina’s proposal, showing how it leads to antiscientific attitudes. Later, we will confront the constructionist thesis taken from Knor-Cetina with the realistic ones, proposed by Giere, Kitcher and Hacking, in order to moderate the antiscientific positions, cleansing the traditional polarities. Finally, the Critical Common-Sensism proposed by Susan Haack will be outlined and stated as an option to the confrontation between objectivists and constructionists and also, as a moderate way to understand science in the present-day. 

Keywords: science, science wars, constructionism, critical realism, critical common-sensism.

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