Brunetti, J. y Ormart, E. 2010. El Lugar de la Psicología en la Epistemología de Kuhn. Cinta moebio 38: 110-121


The Place of Psychology in Kuhn’s Epistemology

Dr. Juan Brunetti ( y Dra. Elizabeth Beatriz Ormart ( Facultad de Psicología, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Kuhn’s epistemology has inspired research within psychology of knowledge. At the same time, researchers have taken Kuhn’s categories to theorize on their findings. Finally, Kuhn himself turned towards them to illuminate his concept of scientific development and to build the foundation of a scientific research psychology. The issue about psychology epistemological rules is at the background of these reciprocal influences.

Keywords: epistemology, psychology, science, learning, knowledge.

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