Cárcamo, H. 2010. Intencionalidad Científica y Método en Ciencias Sociales. Cinta moebio 38: 122-129


Scientific Intentionality and Social Science Method

Mg. Héctor Cárcamo-Vásquez (hcarcamo@ubiobio.cl) Departamento de Ciencias Sociales. Universidad del Bío-Bío (Chillán, Chile).


This essay lies on the assumption that the scientific method works as a device that generates truths articulated with strategies for exerting power. The arguments mainly imply criticism to the supremacy that formal science has in social scientific work as well as in the unconstrained use of method in the form of lineal designs that serve as naturalization devices of social reality. Finally, a need to revise the role that social science plays as a knowledge generating discipline is stated.

Keywords: social science, scientific method, social reality, naturalization, modernity

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