Gugliano, A. y Robertt, P. 2010. La Enseñanza de las Metodologías en las Ciencias Sociales en Brasil. Cinta moebio 38: 61-71


Brazil Social Sciences Methodology Teaching

Dr. Alfredo A. Gugliano ( Departamento de Ciencia Política. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brasil)
Dr. Pedro Robertt ( Instituto de Sociología y Política. Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Pelotas, Brasil)


The present article focuses on the concern to know how the process of preparing investigators at Brazilian universities is being developed. One of the first difficulties being dealt with involves the predominant of segmented approach of the scientific investigation. This leads to the questioning of methodologies used to prepare these investigators. Among other several difficulties, the epistemological aspects up to the methodological ideas on the preparation of investigators are included. The structures of the subjects, their relation to the methodologies and the relations between methodological teaching and investigation practices are questioned. The preparation of critical social scientists in which extremely rigid different separations from the preparation processes is at stake here.

Keywords: methodology, teaching, investigation, university, social scientists

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