Thumala, D. 2010. Proyecciones del concepto de Sistema Psíquico de Luhmann y su vinculación con la Psicología. Cinta moebio 39: 186-191


Projections of Luhmann’s concept of Psychic System and its relationship with Psychology

Mg. Daniela Thumala-Dockendorff( de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad San Sebastián (Santiago, Chile)


The purpose of this article is to pose questions about the applicability of the systemic and constructivist theory developed by Niklas Luhmann to the reflection about the object of study of psychology. We describe the central aspects of the concept of Luhmann’s psychic system which is then contrasted with some questions that arise from psychology. In this context, we present some advantages for the theoretical and applied development of psychology to differentiate its object of study from those of the social and bio-medical sciences, moving from a pre-paradigmatic state to one that allows a greater accumulation of knowledge, thereby pushing its development as a scientific discipline.

Keywords: autopioesis, psychic system, consciousness, psychology, constructivism

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