Muñoz, G. 2011. Contrapuntos epistemológicos para intervenir lo social: ¿cómo impulsar un diálogo interdisciplinar? Cinta moebio 40: 84-104


Epistemological Counterpoints to Social Intervention: How to promote a dialogue among different disciplines?

Mg. Gianinna Muñoz ( Departamento de Trabajo Social. Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Santiago, Chile)


The contemporary social intervention is carried out in contexts characterized by an increasing complexity. Many people take part in this process, one of them, several professionals, who with their own knowledge produce a specialized comprehension about the social phenomena which their actions are aimed. It is necessary to make clear the epistemological approach supported by each professional, in order to make counterpoints and discursive rules which allow understanding their languages and dialoguing in order to face the social intervention with a more complex comprehension. This paper analyses this situation from discourse ethics, and suggests some requirements to the dialogue among different disciplines interested in this field.

Key words: social intervention, epistemology, dialogue, disciplines, discourse ethics.

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