Vidal, R. 2011. El Giro Epistemológico Hermenéutico en la última tradición Científica Moderna. Cinta moebio 40: 22-46


The Epistemological Hermeneutic turn in the last tradition of the Modern Science

Dr. Rafael Vidal ( Grupo de Investigación en Teoría y Tecnología de la Comunicación, Universidad de Sevilla Universidad de Sevilla (Sevilla, España).


Nowadays there are many practical-discursive signs of the need to adopt, in our historic context, a decisive epistemological turn towards interpretive-comprehensive approaches, more adequate to the new conditions of the possibility of knowledge as construction of sense. If we are in conditions to defend that actually a radical theoretical break has taken place that appears towards a new alliance -of enormous ethical and political implications- between nature, in one side, and society and culture, on the other, it is because the hermeneutic approach does not reveal itself as a mere epistemological option, but as a new fundamental attitude that, with independence of the conceptual resources adopted, penetrates and articulates the whole existential fabric of the new being in the world.

Key words: objectivism, subjectivism, interpretation, hermeneutics, complexity.

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