Acevedo C. 2011. Acuerdos Comunes de Validez: Diálogo entre la metodología cuantitativa y cualitativa. Cinta moebio 42: 276-287


Consensus of validity: quantitative and qualitative methodology dialogue

Mg. Carlos Acevedo ( Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad Arturo Prat (Iquique, Chile).


This article is divided into three sections. First, we define the state of physical science and logical positivism, concluding the transit of both towards constructivism. Second, we outlined the Piaget constructivism. Third, with the intention of developing an example of this confluence in social sciences, we argue that few criteria of qualitative methodology validity are completely complementary to those contained in the statistics (paradigmatic technique used for quantitative analysis).

Key words: validity, methodology, statistics, logic positivism, physical.

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