Tello, C. 2011. El Objeto de Estudio en Ciencias Sociales: Entre la pregunta y la hipótesis. Cinta moebio 42: 225-242


The object of study in social sciences: between question and hypothesis

Mg. César Tello ( Escuela de Humanidades, Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


This paper presents and analyses by way of an open debate certain issues inherent to the choice of researchers when defining the epistemological axis of his research: question or hypothesis. It has been long considered that these components must be present simultaneously in a research project, when in fact belong to different epistemological axes. Each one is different and powerful enough to start some research. But the simultaneous presence of both axes removes epistemological strength and consistency to a research project because the different rationale of each of these axes.

Key words: research project, object of study, axis epistemology, question, hypothesis

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