Farías, F. 2012. El Trabajo Social y los Campos Disciplinarios de las Ciencias Sociales en Chile. Cinta moebio 43: 50-60


Social Work and Chilean Social Sciences Disciplinary Fields

Mg. Fernando Farías (ffarias@ubiobio.cl) Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad del Bío Bío (Concepción, Chile)


The paper aims to review critically the concept of discipline and observe from it the classifications have been proposed to organize the subfields belonging to social sciences in Chile. Reflection begins by reviewing the concept of discipline, from its different meanings it has had to its current use in the academic world as a field or area of knowledge. Under the latter sense can be seen that there are two disputing senses, one with emphasis on epistemic order, and other on factors of socio-historical nature. It analyses the different taxonomic proposals used to group and classify sub disciplines is social sciences by governmental institutions, as well as the Faculties of Social Sciences. Finally a review is made to studies on the development and establishment of social sciences in Chile, while excluding social work discipline.

Key words: disciplines, social sciences, sub disciplines, social work, classification

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