Valenzuela, F. 2013. La ingenuidad como forma de clasificación social en el arte: un análisis sociológico. Cinta moebio 48: 136-146


Naivety as a form of social classification in art: a sociological analysis

Dr. Fernando A. Valenzuela ( Escuela de Sociología, Universidad Andres Bello (Viña del Mar, Chile)


The notion of naivety is a form of classification and explanation of the social world. By applying Erving Goffman’s expression games model, it is observed that the notion of naivety corresponds to a situation in which an observer assumes that the observed subject does not accommodate his behavior to the presence of the observer, in the assumption that the latter might take advantage from what he learns from it. This article explores this model’s explanatory power in reference to the diverse forms in which the notion of naivety is used in contexts where transinteractive structures of the art world have to be taken into account.

Keywords: naivety, sociology of art, expression games, semantics, classifications

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