Ortiz, E. y Mariño, M. 2014. Una comprensión epistemológica de la psicopedagogía. Cinta moebio 49: 22-30


An epistemological comprehension of psychopedagogy

Dr. Emilio Ortiz (eortiz@ict.uho.edu.cu) y Mg. María de los Ángeles Mariño (mariaa@ict.uho.edu.cu) Universidad de Holguín Oscar Lucero Moya (Holguín, Cuba)


Psychopedagogy has experienced a great scientific development since 20th century as a result of disciplinary integration of psychology and pedagogy. However, epistemological problems of its professional and research practices have not been taken into account in scientific literature due to its theoretical complexity, insufficient attention by professionals who research in this discipline and perhaps for underrate general theoretical problems of sciences. The objective of this article is to offer different arguments in favour of a scientific status of psychopedagogy as an interdisciplinary science, according to logical and historical assessment and the same way the determination of main epistemological problems that it confronts.

Key words: psychopedagogy, epistemology, psychology, pedagogy, interdisciplinary.

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