Sola, S. 2014. Hacia una epistemología del concepto de símbolo. Cinta moebio 49: 11-21


Towards an epistemology of the concept of symbol

Dra. Salomé Sola-Morales ( Escuela de Periodismo, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Santiago, Chile)


This essay aims to analyse the theoretical and epistemological foundations of the symbol and their representations. First of all, we have explored its ontological scope. Secondly, we have highlighted its presence in everyday life. Thirdly, we have underlined the importance of the interpretation when addressing their multiple senses. And fourthly, we have expressed its social and cultural importance. The thesis here is that the symbolic is a structural condition of humankind, such as a being of mediation. Therefore we claim an epistemological perspective that takes into consideration this notion, key to understanding human being and psychosocial reality.

Key words: symbolic, symbols, mediations, self, daily life.

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