Fuenmayor, J. 2014. Política pública en América Latina en un contexto neoliberal: Una revisión crítica de sus enfoques, teorías y modelos. Cinta moebio 50: 39-52


Public policy in Latin America in a neoliberal context: A critical review of approaches, theories and models

Dra. Jennifer Fuenmayor (jjfuenmayor@yahoo.com) Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Sociales, Universidad del Zulia (Maracaibo, Venezuela)


The paper aims to develop a theoretical reflection on existing knowledge in public policy and its implementation in the nineties. This is a documental research design of bibliographical nature. The results reveal that the body of knowledge in public policy has been under the domain of rational choice theory and the assumptions of the neoclassical school. I conclude that, in the context of an alternative model to the neoliberal one, one need a different theoretical tool for alternative public policy that consider social rationality moving away from a deterministic and technical policy.

Keywords: public policy, neoliberalism, models, theories, approaches, Latin America

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