Eslava, A. 2014. Análisis cualitativo y cuantitativo para los estudios políticos. Trilateralismo, metodología experimental y Grounded Theory. Cinta moebio 51: 111-126


Qualitative and quantitative analysis for political studies. Trilateral science, experimental methodology and grounded theory

Mg. Adolfo Eslava ( Departamento de Gobierno y Ciencias Políticas, Universidad EAFIT (Medellín, Colombia)


The paper discuss the application of qualitative and quantitative techniques in political studies. It describes the classical proposal of Johan Galtung, known as trilateral science, which invites to the permanent contrast to confirm, validate and accept facts and ideas; then it explores Grounded Theory as a mechanism to achieve and explore data in order to identify a possible dialogue with experimental methodology. Finally, it shows social capital as a case study to demonstrate the relevance of multi-methodological applications.

Key words: social capital, Galtung, grounded theory, experimental methodology, trilateral science.

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