Vivero, L. 2014. Una lectura gramsciana del pensamiento de Paulo Freire. Cinta moebio 51: 127-136


A reading from Gramsci of Paulo Freire's thought

Dr. Luis A. Vivero-Arriagada ( Departamento de Trabajo Social, Universidad Católica de Temuco (Temuco, Chile)


Historicist and political reflection of Freire, gives us a deep look promising in the world. His conviction that oppressor and oppressed can liberate each other and together build a more just and equal, is embodied in education as an emancipatory praxis, which must be built into a dialogic relationship between teacher and learner. Paulo Freire's postulates it has influence of diverse intellectual currents and in this tour, we find a permanent invocation to Antonio Gramsci's contributions

Keywords: Gramsci, hegemony, Paulo Freire, education, emancipation.

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