Paulos, D. (2015) El discurso y su relación con el límite exterior del lenguaje. Cinta moebio 53: 190-204


The discourse and its relation to the outer limits of language

Mg. Daniel Paulos ( Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile)


The paper analyzes some of the problems involved in defining speech, with the aim of showing the epistemic choices involved in its implementation as a methodology or analysis technique. The difficulty of the concept of discourse is its bordering nature of language structures and contextual domains that shape utterances, which has led to different approaches: the contextualized utterances, institutions governing language formation of statements or sociohistorical systems that explain its regularity. Such uncertainty increases when registering the models on the set of concomitant concepts, from which derive various extensions of the discursive, basically the discourse as inner domain of ideology, and in which connection the subject form, or as a representation of social concepts in serving an ideological domain and a cognitive domain of prediscursive character.

Key words: discourse, utterance, text, subject, ideology.

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