Saavedra, J. 2015. Cuatro argumentos sobre el concepto de intervención social. Cinta moebio 53: 135-146


Four arguments about the concept of social intervention

Dr. Juan Saavedra ( Departamento Ciencias Sociales, Universidad del Bío-Bío (Concepción, Chile)


This article exposes four arguments on the debate about the nature and conceptual range of social intervention, understanding it equally as action, interpretation, distinction and finally as a discursive dispositive. This debate has relevance for social sciences disciplines in which intervention notion has an important place in its theoretic-methodological structure. This review sets a counterpoint with technological perspectives that reduce intervention to action’s execution. In this way, there is a discussion about epistemic and ontological social sciences communities’ subordination in which intervention is a hallmark.

Key words: social intervention, applied epistemology, arguments, complexity, discourse.

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