Maldonado, C. (2015) Pensar la complejidad, pensar como síntesis. Cinta moebio 54: 313-324


Thinking complexity, thinking as synthesis

Dr. Carlos Eduardo Maldonado ( Facultad de Ciencia Política y Gobierno, Universidad del Rosario (Colombia)


After a number of general considerations, without meaning in any sense a reductionist approach, this paper argues in favour of the mathematics of discrete systems and of the non-classical logics, and claims that a complex thinking both entails and crosses through those domains. Such a proposal, it is argued, has not been a general concern until to-date among the communities of complexologists. At the end, several consequences are withdrawn at understanding what truly thinking about complexity is all about.

Key words: sciences of complexity, mathematics of discrete systems, non-classical logics, synthesis, epistemology.

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