Mejía, J. (2015) Modernidad y conocimiento social. La emergencia de un discurso epistémico en América Latina. Cinta moebio 54: 290-301


Modernity and social knowledge. The emergence of an epistemic discourse in Latin America

Dr. Julio Mejía Navarrete ( Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Perú)


This article reviews the development of a new epistemic discourse in Latin America. Global modernity opens up a historical time of bifurcation and cognitive emergency, which confronts the hegemony of Eurocentric thinking. An episteme that expresses the profound historical changes of the modern mind-set. It also aims to imagine an inherent rationality that holds a complex holistic vision of the world as well as the values of freedom and social equality.

Keywords: modernity, Latin episteme, eurocentrism, social knowledge, rationality.

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