Ramírez, S. (2015) Cómo surgen las preguntas. Cinta moebio 54: 302-312


How questions arise

Mg. Simón Ramírez (simon@matriztica.org) Escuela Matríztica de Santiago (Santiago, Chile)


In our living we feel and live immersed in a world of elements entities and processes that we treat as if they existed with independence from our distinguish them. From that sensoriality, as a contained belief in our nature, we lead us accepting implicit or explicitly that the act of questioning, deal with opening or discovering an independent world. That manner of thinking cannot be fundament if we in fact understand and take charge certain abstraction of our operating as human and living beings. Historically the theories around this phenomenon (cognition) is based on the belief that for one side that there isn’t an objective reality but it is a mind or brain phenomena, and for the other side that exist a reality, and this we can know it, if we do thing to discover it. This article try to understand the happening of questioning, without falling in this duality, appealing to certain abstraction of our coherence as observers.

Key words: cultural biology, observer, emotions, structural determinism, cognitition

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