Cinta de Moebio: Revista de Epistemología de Ciencias Sociales

Maureira, M. (2016) Un análisis filosófico de las técnicas de construcción de escenarios. Cinta moebio 57: 243-256. doi: 10.4067/S0717-554X2016000300001


A philosophical analysis of scenario-planning

Marco Maureira ( Barcelona Science and Technology Studies Group (STS-b), Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Barcelona, España) ORCID: 0000-0002-0238-6774


One of the most important devices in the management and control of our global societies is the scenario-planning. In this regard, this paper analyses the impact that the massive use of these devices implies to our society. Specifically, it is used as an analytical approach the concepts of difference (Deleuze), différance (Derrida) and destituent power (Agamben). These theoretical proposals, which have been regarded as important dimensions of resistance and liberation, paradoxically are relevant to understanding the operation of the scenario-planning. Therefore, this paper warns of the need to try new forms-of-thought that allow us to overcome the danger of our best philosophy captured by new machines of control.

Key words: scenario-planning, difference, state of exception, différance, destituent power.


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