Merlinsky, G. 2006. La Entrevista como Forma de Conocimiento y como Texto Negociado. Cinta moebio 27: 248-255


Interview as a Way of Knowledge and as a Negotiated Text

Mg. Gabriela Merlinsky ( Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)


The paper concentrates on the teaching of qualitative data collection techniques. The theoretical assumptions upon which the interview strategy is based are analyzed in the first place. For this purpose, “minimum” contents of the body of knowledge formed by phenomenology, symbolic interactionism and ethnomethodology are drawn. The administration of the interview is considered in the second place, focusing upon the communication contract that is established between the interviewed and the interviewer. Finally, the author analyses some of the problems posed by the analysis of data produced through interviews, highlighting their textual character and their potentiality for narrative analysis.

Key words: interview, data collection techniques, symbolic interactionism, phenomenology, etnomethodology.

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