Navalles, J. 2006. Prolegómenos a la Psicología Social: La Idea de Atmósfera en la Psicología de la Colectividad. Cinta moebio 27: 284-302


Sketches for Social Psychology

Mg. Jahir Navalles Gómez ( Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (México)


This present work interyields by a nostalgic psychology, a psychology that origin -and it was become deformed- in which in century XX was self-proclaimed like social psychology; a original psychology that was first of all an historical project with respect to the social life; a psychology that is described to itself like collective psychology, sketched from the diverse interlocutors -who not necessarily show as social psychologists or psychologists and enriched from the constant debates- that are not sending in the manual beaten ones of given off psychology or social psychology in your intercross them you will discipline that the psycho-social footpath has journeyed.

An evening devises is the pretext that sketches the scene that the discipline has built, and in the following lines two examples become manifestos, on the one hand, the contribution done by the reflections that Herder did; and by the other side, with the discreet presence that the psychology of the collective life, developed by Wundt, contributed to the psycho-social scene, both being implied in a subtle one, idea, an idea that explicitly has been disdainful, but that implicitly is pronounced like the bastion of social psychology: the atmosphere idea.

Key words: social psychology, atmosphere, prefaces, historical psychology, collective psychology

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