Escolar C. 2004. Pensar en/con Foucault. Cinta moebio 20: 93-100


Thinking about/with Foucault

Cora Escolar. Docente Regular de Epistemología de la Geografía y Metodología de la Investigación e Investigadora del Departamento e Instituto de Geografía. Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)


The aim of this article is to explore the potential of Foucault’s theoretical-methodological arsenal and epistemological ideas to develop a theoretical approach to relations between social practices, through discourses and subjectivity production. For that matter, we introduce and analyze some epistemological and methodological issues through a set of selected statements, in order to describe some of his theoretical assumptions about Power, a concept that will characterize Foucault’s production during the 1970s. Likewise, this review of the selected items is performed through the connections with his previous writings, mostly those in which Foucault established epistemological principles about investigation practices in the field of social sciences. Finally, we emphasize some characteristics of Foucault’s thinking, specially the fact that we can find in his production an analytic theory of Power rather than a theory of power in the restricted sense of this concept.

Key words: Foucault, theoretical arsenal, methodological consequences.

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