Mascareño A. 2005. Sociología de la Felicidad: Lo Incomunicable. Cinta moebio 23: 176-192


Sociology of Happiness: The incommunicable

Aldo Mascareño ( Dr. en Sociología Universidad de Bielefeld. Académico Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Chile)


Since the 17th century, the semantic of the modern society has tried to elaborate a concept of happiness which corresponds with the rise of individualism in a new era that looses its communal sense. In spite of the modernity's attempts to generalize behavior expectations for a happy society (in utilitarianism, Marxism and liberalism), happiness obstinately remained in the individual sphere and became its symbol. Happiness is an experience of alter which cannot be experienced by ego because society -at least until nowadays- has not developed a meaningful symbolic constellation to make probable the communication of happiness and its outside, unhappiness. That is what makes happiness/unhappiness experiences incommunicable in a modern society and solidifies the radical individuality of the individual within it.

Key words : individualism, communication, semantic, symbolic generalized media of communication, double contingency.

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