Beltrán F. 2006. John Dewey y la Relevancia del Trabajo Escolar en Investigación del Profesorado. Cinta moebio 25: 64-76


John Dewey and the Relevance of School Work in Teachers’ Research

Francisco Beltrán Llavador ( Doctor en Filosofía y Ciencias de la Educación. Universidad de Valencia. España.


In discussing the relevance of school work as a research object, the writer recovers J. Dewey’s discourse to explore the assignment of different academic levels to teachers and their worth in the production of relevant knowledge. Subjecting concepts such as “teacher” and “research” to epistemological revision, and after reviewing some scientific premises, mainly embedded within the field of educational research, as well as after re-claiming the political function of institutional teaching, these initial premises are reconsidered in order to exert a critique of certain forms of naturalistic research while reasserting the role of teachers of any level in the rigorous production of research that stems out of the relevance of their own work.

Keywords: research, teacher and professor, knowledge, Dewey, science.

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