Rizo, M. 2006. George Simmel, Sociabilidad e Interacción. Aportes a la ciencia de la comunicación. Cinta moebio 27: 266-283


George Simmel, socialization and interaction

Dra. Marta Rizo García (mrizog@yahoo.com) Grupo hacia una Comunicología Posible Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México (México)


Within the proposal of the Group towards a Possible Communicology (GUCOM), the interaction is considered like the communicologycal dimension that recovers in greater measurement the original sense of the term communication. On the other hand, Phenomenological Sociology -with Schütz, Berger and Luckmann to the front- and Social Psychology -with the proposals of the Symbolic Interactionism, Cognitive Psychology and the Social Representations of Moscovici- constitute two of the scientific historical sources with smaller presence in the communication field. Although George Simmel cannot strictly be located within these sources of knowledge, we considered that his work constitutes a complete proposal to understand interaction like foundation of the social relations. In this tenor, the present article has as intention to review the work of Simmel from this specific approach: Communicology. It is not only tried to review what said Simmel about the interaction, but that going beyond, we will try to see what of everything what said the author on this dimension of the Communicology can help to make complex the understanding of the term interaction and, therefore, communication. The article is divided in three parts. In the first place some majorities are exposed on the concept of interaction and its relation with the communication, from a specific approach that it retakes, fundamentally, the contributions of Phenomenological Sociology and Social Psychology. Next the simmelian reading around the interaction is reviewed with thoroughness. And we concluded with a reflective note that tries to give account of the heuristic potential of this author, little recognized in the field of the communication.

Key Words: George Simmel, communication, interaction, communicology, sociology.

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